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    Can you walk me through the process with Financial Match?

  • Yes of course! Simply fill your details on the form below these FAQs or on the contact us page, we will try and call you at a time that is suitable. On the call we will listen and try to understand what sort of service or product you are after. Once you are satisfied we have the right person or company for you, we will make the introduction.

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    Is there a cost of your Financial Match service?

  • There is no cost for our introductory service. You may be charged by our Partners, but they will discuss all costs with you. We will of course make you aware of this before we match your requirements with a potential product or service.

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    What if I am unhappy with the introduction or the match?

  • Simply get in touch and we will find you an alternative

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    Will you try and sell me something on the call?

  • Absolutely not! Our aim is simply to listen to your need(s) and if we can help, then great!

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    Can I recommend your service to a friend?

  • You absolutely can! Drop us an email with their contact details; if we can help them too then there is a $50 or currency equivalent Amazon Voucher in it for you too!

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    Can I become a formal introducer for you?

  • Yes, you can! Drop us an email and we can discuss our rewarding introducer programme with you.

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    Is the person calling me experienced?

  • Whoever calls you will not only be qualified in Financial Services but will also have a minimum of 20 years industry experience.

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    Where are you based?

  • We are based in Norwich in the United Kingdom, but our partners are all over the globe.

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    What if I decide against any advice that I/we may receive from your Partners?

  • Absolutely no problem! We can try and find you an alternative but the there is no obligation to us whatsoever.

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    I work long hours and calls can be hard. Are you able to call at a convenient time?

  • No problem! We will try and work to the best times for you.

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